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Why Should You Use Reconditioning Management Software?

Why Should You Use Reconditioning Management Software?


In most SMART Repair shops, you’ll see sticky notes, file folders, dry-erase boards, clipboards, spreadsheets, and paper scattered around to relay information. Beyond that, the longer the shop has been around, the more documents there are. Unfortunately, this can cause quite a few bottlenecks as well as create disorder in your back-office operation that trickles down into the front.

For many owners, it all comes down to comfort. A lot of SMART Repairers out there are used to the sticky notes, the clipboards, and so on. They like it and feel like it all works “good enough.” However, with the SMART Repair industry evolving every day, your business can’t afford to rely on out-of-date methods just because it’s what you’re used to. With new technology coming out every year that can make SMART Repair shops work faster and more efficiently, you don’t want to fall behind the curve.

Everything we’ve already listed does work, but it can take hours to sift through, if not longer, whereas if you had it all in one place, it would take just a couple of minutes. With management software, you can have all of your SMART Repair shop’s information in one place, at all times. Beyond that, the software can be accessed from your computer or mobile device with little effort. All of those constraints and times where you couldn’t find the information or had to stay up hours after work just to work on invoices can be completely eliminated.

You can track vehicles, technicians, commissions, salaries, hourly pay, invoices, PDR & hail damage estimates, and much more at the click of a button. No more sticky notes to get lost. No more clipboards and filing cabinets. In the SMART Repair business, time is money and switching to PDR software can save you thousands in the long run. Let’s say you do four vehicles each day– how much more money would you bring in if you were doing six? How about eight?

Management software not only tracks jobs, but can also help you completely re-organize both your back-office and front-end operations. Beyond that, you can also look at all of the information and potential bottlenecks in real-time to help you avoid losing time (and money).

Outside of that, the software’s ability to manage your workflow will create an atmosphere of accountability and transparency among you, your technicians, and with the customers. It’ll help you spot inefficiencies that you may not have even been aware of and more. What many in the SMART Repair business aren’t aware of is the fact that it’s all a race. The longer you sit thinking about adopting, the more shops around you that have already taken the steps. To continue your SMART Repair shop’s success, it’s important to embrace change and new technology.

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