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How to Rank your Detailing Business Higher on Google Maps: 10 Easy Tips

Identifying your targets Getting “noticed” by the search engine Establishing Authority Enhancing your relevance Integrating your Social Media …and More When you search for a service business “near me” in Google, the first results are almost always the Google maps results.  That is because Google is savvy enough to realize you are searching for a […]

Interview with SkratchHouse Auto

SkratchHouse Auto Restoration ServicesThis is a transcript of an interview between AutoMobile Technologies and Nathane Vanhoose, owner of SkratchHouse Auto Restoration Services in Columbus, Ohio. The full recording from which this edited version was written can be found in the Podcast section of this site. AMT: We’re speaking today with Nathane Vanhoose of SkratchHouse Auto Restoration […]

5 Overlooked Ways To Improve Touch Time For Your SMART Business

Have You Considered Adding RV Paint Detailing to Your Cosmetic Repair Shop?

As the cosmetic repair industry evolves, many shop owners are consistently looking for ways to elevate their game. It’s always about being the best and doing right by your customer, right? What if your customer doesn’t quite fit the typical client persona walking through your doors every day? For repair shop owners, paint detailing is […]

5 Overlooked Ways To Improve Touch Time For Your SMART Business