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This Season, Give Yourself More Free Time With Mobile Management Software

This Season, Give Yourself More Free Time With Mobile Management Software


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The front-end of any business may be the driving force behind profit. But it wouldn’t be possible without an efficient back-office, or the necessary tools to provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. 

We wish we could say the days of papers piling up in the back-office are forever in the past. But unfortunately, many SMART, Detailing, and PDR businesses haven’t made the transition from paper to digital. 

However, if you want to serve your customers better and improve productivity, now is the time to make the switch. Here are some benefits of implementing management software for your business: 

It can handle all your back office needs: Need to track work time? Create customer estimates and work orders? Create invoices and billing? Management software can do all that and more. The most reputable software can integrate with any pre-existing accounting programs, such as Quickbooks, Sage, etc. 

More efficient front-end operations: Your whole business revolves around the actual repair work. The best software can assign work to your technicians, document walk around inspections, generate estimates, attach photos and documents to send to insurance companies and more. This cuts down on time and improves the communication process in your business. 

Improved customer service: Your customers deserve to know the status of the repair instead of waiting to hear when their car is ready to be picked up. The best manament software allows you to send text message notifications to your customers and create an easy-to-navigate customer form that puts them as the top priority. 

AutoMobile Technologies has developed software solutions designed to help repair business owners and technicians be more efficient, better serve customers with their needs, eliminate any paper trails, and more. The best part of it all? You have peace of mind knowing your back-office is never behind, and you’re able to build lasting, positing relationships with customers. 

Contact AMT today, and find out how they can make your life easier with ReconPro™ software.

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