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The Reality of Being A Hail Chaser

  From March to October during the afternoon and evening hours, an area known as “Hail Alley” is hit with hail season. This region covers Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. Solo PDR technicians who go by the name “hail chasers” live a nomadic lifestyle during these months, making anywhere from $60 to $75 […]

What is the NAPDRT and How Can it Help You?

The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is a NonProfit organization that was created for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians as a platform where technicians can have a voice in the ever-growing industry. Being a member allows techs to share their concerns about working in the industry, including the challenges they often face. Also, members are informed […]

Planning to Use an Inflatable Booth? Here are the Guidelines

Inflatable spray booths may be handy, but short-lived. Our friends at Garmat share the NFPA regulations.

How to Improve Your PDR Business in 2019

As 2019 begins, many PDR businesses still rely on out-of-date processes. While most of the time it’s because problems aren’t always obvious, other times it has more to do with a resistance to change. Altering how your PDR business operates can be a pretty challenging and daunting process; however, as technology continues to advance, you’ll […]

Paintless Dent Repair in a Crowded Field

Recognized as a faster and more cost-effective solution to minor vehicle damage, the PDR specialty has grown rapidly in the past decade. While dealers and body shops have relied on PDR techs for years, consumers and insurance providers have begun to recognize the value and convenience of PDR services worldwide. The growth in popularity has […]