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What is the NAPDRT and How Can it Help You?

The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is a NonProfit organization that was created for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians as a platform where technicians can have a voice in the ever-growing industry. Being a member allows techs to share their concerns about working in the industry, including the challenges they often face. Also, members are informed […]

Google AdWords Optimization Tips for Your Mobile PDR Business

Real vs Fake: How To Distinguish Your Business From The Dent Nomads

How To Show PDR Customers You’re The Real Deal From now until the middle of September, we are in what’s known as “hail season.” Hail is one of the biggest reasons vehicle owners need PDR services for their car. Dents caused by hail can sometimes be as big as a golfball. The last thing car […]

Mitigate Your Liabilities For Previous Bad Collision Repair

Benefits of Business Software for Your PDR Business

In the PDR business, a business software system can greatly benefit your shop by increasing effectiveness and efficiency. More than that, a good system can reduce your cycle times, costs, and overall minimize the delays and disruptions you may experience on a daily basis. Having a system also shows that you’re committed to increasing your […]

Mitigate Your Liabilities For Previous Bad Collision Repair