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What Does The AutoWorks and Catastrophe Solutions Merger Mean For Your PDR Business?

Lessons from the Collision Repair Market Consolidation The PDR world is somewhat fragmented as compared to similar industries like collision repair. The very nomadic nature of storm chasing is a large part of this fragmentation. But there is a definite trend developing among PDR companies that could directly have an impact on your business, just […]

5 Expert Tips For Starting Your Own SMART Repair Shop From A 37-Year Collision Repair Veteran

Whether you’ve been an auto repair technician for years or have been passionate about cars for as long as you remember, it brought you to where you are today. Your entrepreneurial mindset has inspired you to take the leap of faith in starting your SMART repair shop. People are always going to be needing car […]

3 Must-Do’s To Make Your SMART Business More Successful

If you’re currently running a SMART repair business but aren’t sure where to go next, you’re not alone. With a new decade right around the corner, business owners are taking a good look at their current operations and seeing how they can improve to be more profitable than they’ve ever been.  Sure, you can go […]

Google AdWords Optimization Tips for Your Mobile PDR Business

When you are out chasing hail, it can be challenging to market your business since your business keeps moving around. But if you have a reliable website with an appointment scheduler or high performing contact form, you can make every hail event into an opportunity to get leads online. If you have never run a […]

Tips For Managing a Successful Remote Workforce

Access Engagement Trust Knowledge Expectations According to Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of the U.S. workforce already works in a type of remote role and anywhere from 80 to 90% of all employees say they’d like to work remotely during some duration of the work. If you’re a manager or owner of an automotive repair business, […]

Why Should You Use Reconditioning Management Software?

  In most SMART Repair shops, you’ll see sticky notes, file folders, dry-erase boards, clipboards, spreadsheets, and paper scattered around to relay information. Beyond that, the longer the shop has been around, the more documents there are. Unfortunately, this can cause quite a few bottlenecks as well as create disorder in your back-office operation that […]

What’s the Difference Between Native and Web Apps?

Advantages Of Native Apps Over Web Apps For Your Repair Business: A Comparison In the collision and automotive reconditioning industries, there are many mobile and computer software applications available. They can do anything from invoices to tracking accounts, and even automate workflow. However, not all applications work in the same way, and they certainly don’t […]

Interview with SkratchHouse Auto

SkratchHouse Auto Restoration ServicesThis is a transcript of an interview between AutoMobile Technologies and Nathane Vanhoose, owner of SkratchHouse Auto Restoration Services in Columbus, Ohio. The full recording from which this edited version was written can be found in the Podcast section of this site. AMT: We’re speaking today with Nathane Vanhoose of SkratchHouse Auto Restoration […]

Why Your Customers Might be Bringing PDR In-house, and How to Prevent it

Part two of a two-part series. Last week we discussed the threats to your business when one of your good customers decides to bring PDR in-house into their dealership or body shop. Today we are going to dig deeper into why a dealership or body shop may consider doing this so that you can understand […]

Could Changes in Collision Frequency Mean Boon Times for SMART Repairers?

As 2018’s second quarter Collision Industry Council (CIC) meeting drew to a close April 12 in Westminster Colorado, Susanna Gotsch, Director and Industry Analyst with CCC, presented their latest results from CCC’s Crash Course 2018 report. To attendees of the CIC meetings, it was obvious that the collision repair industry is in a state of […]