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Alloy Wheel RepairA set of beautiful, new-looking wheels makes a statement about both the overall condition of a vehicle and the driver or dealer behind it.

Professional wheel repair services are as vital as any other reconditioning craft to keeping cars and trucks safe and attractive, but the unique aspects of wheel repair are different from most others. Whether it’s buffing out a curb rash, paint and polish, or full remanufacturing, wheel technicians are an integral part of vehicle maintenance. You know this, and chances are you’ve seen and done jobs that are share-worthy. We invite you to do that here, in this section of the site devoted to your specialty.

We’ll scour the wires to offer relevant news and information about the wheel repair industry, but we think the most value you’ll receive is by participating in the forums and reading the posts of other professionals like you. The overall goal is to provide information that can help to solve problems, share best practices, and set you up to be successful. If you are a solo or small operation, learning from others can help you grow. If you are a large regional or national player with multiple facilities, you’ll benefit not only from the news articles and op-ed pieces but also from the market insights offered by individual posters with “boots-on-the-ground” experiences.

This works best when you are an active participant, interacting with the site content and with each other. We look forward to hearing from you!