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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

We live in the age of technology, where we are all connected one way or another. Today, businesses can reach more customers through digital platforms than through traditional advertising. Digital marketing not only gives faster results, but it also helps you connect with more people who turn into real customers in a significantly shorter amount […]

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your PDR Business Over The Next Quarter

If you’re a PDR business owner evening out your business in the dry spell that ensues after the booming hail season, then read on.

Ensure Your Feedback is Heard

Karin Hurt, the Founder of Let’s Grow Leaders, published a very good piece about how leaders can ensure their feedback is appreciated. Essentially, your team wants to know you understand their situation. That you’ve walked the walk, and experienced the same challenges they currently face. Don’t ask your team to take risks that you aren’t […]

Are You As High-Tech As Your Customers?

We live in an age of technology where everything is connected in one way or another. If your shop is not up-to-date on the latest in technology, customers will notice. They’ll feel like they can take their business somewhere that is up-to-date for the year 2019. Several shops don’t realize technology plays a significant role […]

Mitigate Your Liabilities For Previous Bad Collision Repair

An auto repair business is responsible for repairing the car to the highest of safety standards. Compliance with OEM procedures is the norm when it comes to collision repair. Anything less and you not only lessen the overall safety of the vehicle, but you could also significantly increase the risk of the car getting involved […]

Are You Putting Customer Lives At Risk By Not Using OEM Glass?

The strict rigors vehicle glass has to go through before it can be sold in the United States makes it one of the essential parts of a car. But when a vehicle is equipped with ADAS, always repair using OEM glass to maintain the safety features of that car.

Make Splitting Revenues With Your Technicians Easier

In the Smart Repair business, there are quite a few ways you can pay your technicians. Whether it’s commission, hourly, or salary, there are perks and drawbacks for each one. So, what is the best way to split revenues with your technicians? According to BodyShop Business’, Hank Nunn, It’s important for your payment method to […]

Benefits of a Workflow Management System for Your SMART Repair Business

A workflow management system can greatly benefit your shop by increasing both effectiveness and efficiency.

3 Pitfalls In PDR Management

Management software can help you get out of your own way. We discuss 3 common pitfalls in PDR and SMART Repair management and how to employ management software solutions to solve them.