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Mobile Repair Shop Logos, Branding and Taglines – How To Convey Your Company Culture Through Your Brand

Mobile Repair Shop Logos, Branding and Taglines – How To Convey Your Company Culture Through Your Brand


No matter the size of the business you operate, the Owner is always going to be its best salesman. Even if you have an office staff to answer the phones now, and technicians on the road, and even if you never pick up a phone and talk to a prospect anymore, you are the person who got this company started, you are the one who got those early accounts, and you are the one who set the tone for the type and level of service that you offer. Your company’s brand, however, comes in a very close second place in selling.

Before anyone makes contact with your repair business, you can be sure that your prospects searched for your type of service and are making decisions based on reviews, website design and yes, branding and tagline. Bearing that in mind, does your current logo and tagline match your company culture? Does it convey the type and level of service that you provide?


From a customer’s perspective, your logo, tagline, and branding set the expectation for what it might be like to do business with your company. Before you get to make the sale, your logo and branding are starting the dialogue about you. Clever taglines go a long way to creating a memorable marketing pitch, and they can also tip the hat to the company culture that lies behind the branding.

And why is company culture so important?
First of all, according to a Harvard Business School study of 207 organizations over 11 years, companies that actively develop their culture return 516 percent higher revenue and 755 percent higher income than those that do not.

If your culture and your brand match your purpose and your values and if you are able to condense them into a single guiding philosophy for your company, you will win over customers, employees, and produce an organization that operates with integrity and authenticity.

Does your current branding match your culture?
Simply putting the logo and tagline on the side of your vehicles and building is not enough to truly convey your corporate culture. Corporate brand expression and experience has to be more than a just a design effort if you want to get employees excited about their jobs and the company.

Culture has to be authentic, therefore simply copying the look and feel of another company does not create an authentic brand experience or company culture. Your company is unique, so don’t do it the disservice of copying someone else’s vision of office culture.

When you operate with a unique value proposition, you can work to create the identity and image you need. Your branding also helps your employees to understand and embrace the distinct ways you create value for customers. It also serves to demonstrate the differentiation of your brand from the competition. Your branding can convey the unique personality that your company uses to express itself.

If your brand is defined by the way your services are performed, then your logo and taglines should be in alignment with that experience, and so too should your employee experience. If your employees experience a different set of values within the day-to-day operations of your company, then your culture and brand are not in alignment.

How can you tell if your culture and your brand aligned and mutually reinforcing?
Wherever a disconnect exists between your employee experiences and your customer experiences, that is sure sign you have an issue. If you treat your employees differently from how you expect them to engage with your customers, your organization is operating on a split personality of values.

Your employees should understand what makes your brand different and special from a customer perspective. They should clearly understand who the company’s target customers are, as well as their primary wants and needs How you operate on the inside should be the same as how you want to be perceived on the outside.

Working with a branding agency
One option for performing a brand refresh is to work with a branding agency. Even the oldest and largest companies in America perform frequent re-brands to modernize existing branding and to match the current and near future experience of the company values. It is ok to refresh your branding as you grow your business.

Branding agencies employ teams of creative people who are selected to perform branding exercises for companies. Branding agencies will charge you a fee to perform this service, but the payoff in competitive advantage, culture refinement, and future sales will more than pay for a successful branding exercise.

Managing your branding exercise through freelancers
A less effective and more time-consuming approach would be to farm out portions of the work to low-cost outfits such as fiver and 99designs. With these online services, you can put together a design brief and have talented designers compete to create logos and taglines for you for a nominal fee. When you choose a winner, you can then work with that designer to further refine your logo and branding. The work is typically done by freelancers with varying degrees of skill, but you might get lucky and land on a really great concept.

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