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How to Improve Your PDR Business in 2019

How to Improve Your PDR Business in 2019


As 2019 begins, many PDR businesses still rely on out-of-date processes. While most of the time it’s because problems aren’t always obvious, other times it has more to do with a resistance to change. Altering how your PDR business operates can be a pretty challenging and daunting process; however, as technology continues to advance, you’ll want to use the best tools possible to stay ahead of the curve.

To improve on your PDR business in 2019, you’ll want to adapt and use whatever you can. You’ll need to systematically look at all of your processes and figure out where bottlenecks are. You can improve your workflow and organization. You shouldn’t be afraid of disrupting what is working well enough right now. There’s always a better way to do things, and with new technology releasing every year in the auto industry, you’ll want to be as adaptable as possible.

Each year, workflow management software is becoming more and more a part of the PDR industry. It offers real-time updates on where vehicles currently are, what work is being done, where constraints may pop up, and who’s accountable for problems. Beyond that, all of your employees can access the software from anywhere at anytime to update and receive information on the fly.

Benefits Of PDR Software: How To Improve Your PDR Business In 2019

  • It Reduces Your PDR Cycle Time And Increases Your Throughput

Even though PDR is much faster than traditional dent repair, there’s always room to increase speed and efficiency. Even if you’re repairing 10 or 20 cars a day, how much more would you make doing 15 or 25? With PDR software, you can drastically increase efficiency, increase throughput, and reduce your cycle time by cutting out out-of-date steps with the back-office and paperwork.

  • It Keeps You And Your PDR Technicians Up-To-Date In Real-Time

From when the customer makes their vehicle available and during the entire PDR process, you can track exactly where the damage is, who’s working on it, and when it’ll get done. Outside of that, everyone from your operations manager, back-office, and technicians all have access in real-time on their desktop or mobile devices.

  • It Helps Create An Adaptable Environment

Throughout the auto industry, but especially the PDR business, constant adaptation is an absolute must. Management software tracks and records data in real-time, while also monitoring inefficiencies. It removes any estimations or guessing and helps you manage and solve any problems that arise from bottlenecks.

These software solutions are designed to make your PDR business more efficient, provide you with better visibility, and give you peace of mind knowing that your back-office is always up-to-date.

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