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Have You Considered Adding RV Paint Detailing to Your Cosmetic Repair Shop?

Have You Considered Adding RV Paint Detailing to Your Cosmetic Repair Shop?


As the cosmetic repair industry evolves, many shop owners are consistently looking for ways to elevate their game. It’s always about being the best and doing right by your customer, right? What if your customer doesn’t quite fit the typical client persona walking through your doors every day? For repair shop owners, paint detailing is a pretty standard, routine process. You have your most efficient technicians handle the paint correction jobs coming through in record times. But, have you ever considered catering to a crowd just as in need for this type of cosmetic repair?

There are so many RV owners out there with paint detailing needs. Full-timers, weekend RVers, and boon-dockers alike all take their vehicles through some harsh climates and environments. Just as a normal sedan or SUV owner wants to keep their car waxed and shiny, so do RV owners. A lot of these drivers consider their RV to be a seasonal or full-time home-away-from-home. By targeting their cosmetic needs, you may be spending more time on a job, but you’ll be fulfilling a bigger ticket item and bringing more revenue into your business.

Gel Coat vs. Automotive Paint/Clear Coat

RV products, as well as marine care products, tend to be a little more aggressive than automotive products. RV gel coat is much harder than clear coat for vehicles, but investing in some quality RV waxes and gel coats will give you the opportunity to offer services we guarantee no other conventional body shop in your region can offer.

RV and boat exteriors are typically fiberglass with a gel coat finish. They also usually have different materials requiring care including canvas, wood, vinyl graphics, and plastic surfaces. A little research into the care of RVs can take your shop to a whole new level.

Common RV Paint Detailing Problems

Often, RV owners aren’t looking for their entire trailer to be repainted when they have minor scratches or chips in the paint while traveling for vacation. If your setup already has polishing tools, you can offer a customer this as a service. Polishing may not remove all defects, but it is usually all the RV needs to improve the overall luster and appearance of the exterior. Other common RV paint detailing problems you can solve with your repair services include:

· Peeling clear coat or delamination
· Chipped paint
· Fading
· Scratches
· Rust

These issues aren’t unlike the repairs you’re already completing. Just think about them on a larger scale. Boating and marine care is no different. We mentioned earlier that marine care products are typically the same used for RVs. In future posts, we will discuss the benefits of adding marine cosmetic care to the list of your repair services.

If you think you and your cosmetic repair shop are up for the challenge, we say go for it! Sometimes the risk is worth the reward. Investing in some of the tools and waxes you may not have on hand will allow you to market yourself to a new set of clients you never knew you could handle. For RV owners, finding a repair shop out on the road who will take their trailer is extremely difficult. Become the shop they need!

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