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Alix Maria Taulbee is a writer, producer, actress, and content creator of articles and blog posts related to business improvement and industry trends. She works at Stratosphere Studio.

3 Powerful Ways To Connect With Your Customers

In business, there is always someone or some company that can do what you do faster, or cheaper, and sometimes even better. Your competitors are working to pull existing customers and potential new business from you every day. It’s just how this all works. So how do you protect your revenue and make your brand […]

5 Quick Ways To Prove To Customers That Your SMART or PDR Business Is Established

Over the past few years, SMART Repair has become an increasingly popular method for repairing cars using the latest tools and materials, rather than taking a vehicle to a traditional body shop. Of the different SMART repair services offered, PDR is one of the most popular repairs that customers will always need, so long as […]

Overtime Rule For SMART Business Owners

Except for minors, there are no laws on the books that limit the number of hours an employee can work. With an industry that often works long hours during high-volume seasons, overtime is a subject that will continue to pop up in your business. Determining which employees are owed overtime and which are exempt can […]

4 Signs You Work In A Toxic Environment And How To Fix It

We all want to have a harmonious work environment where everyone feels valuable. It’s normal to have a stressful workday from time to time. But what happens when things turn toxic, and people start to question their value in the workplace while others are deep in their power trip? Some problems might not even be […]

5 Proven Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated After Hail Season

Statistically speaking, this time of year is when hail season is coming to an end, and your team is heading home. From Texas to Colorado to even as far as Oklahoma, it can be tough to transition from the nomadic lifestyle of a hail chaser to a parent taking their kid to a game on […]

When Things Get Slow in PDR, Don’t Cut Back On Your Marketing

When seasonal business starts slowing down, many business owners choose to cut back marketing. Here are some ideas about alternatives to pulling the plug.

How to Claim, Set Up, and Verify your Google My Business (GMB) Page for your Repair Business

In order to get started ranking your retail repair location on Google, it is essential that you go and claim the page. Even if you see your business on the Google maps results, that does not mean that the page has been claimed yet.

5 Social Media Tricks That Work for PDR and SMART Businesses

Marketing Mindset Show, Don’t Tell Re-target Respond Research Competition Stories and Case Studies This is not another “how to do social media – 101” blog post. Social media marketing for businesses is nothing new. Even if you are currently doing social media marketing for your business, there are always a few tips or tricks to […]

Want To Improve Your Repair Shop Customer Service? Read the Reviews.

  Repair shops are built one customer at a time and through a combination of quality work and customer satisfaction. If you ever want to learn what your customers truly care about, read the reviews. And don’t stop at just your reviews, read all the reviews of your competition. If you want to understand what […]

What Type of Insurance Does Your Business Need?

With so many different coverage plans out there, how do you know what is the best insurance for you, your PDR or SMART Repair business, and your employees? Whether you are just starting your business out of your garage or you’re about to hit the road for chasing hail, you’ll find that each of these […]