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Alix Maria Taulbee is a writer, producer, actress, and content creator of articles and blog posts related to business improvement and industry trends. She works at Stratosphere Studio.

How to Start a PDR Business

If you’re looking to start a Paintless Dent Removal business, chances are you already work in some area of the auto repair industry. You are aware of how PDR has become increasingly popular due to its high demand, especially during hail season which is normally from mid-April to mid-September in North America. A typical day’s […]

5 Ways To Keep Wholesale Clients Happy Throughout The Repair Process

So how do you keep your value and make yourself hard to fire as a SMART Repair technician looking to grow the business?

Real vs Fake: How To Distinguish Your Business From The Dent Nomads

How To Show PDR Customers You’re The Real Deal From now until the middle of September, we are in what’s known as “hail season.” Hail is one of the biggest reasons vehicle owners need PDR services for their car. Dents caused by hail can sometimes be as big as a golfball. The last thing car […]

Sliding into your DMs – Using Instagram The Right Way For Your Business

  Setting up your business on Instagram Connecting your Instagram and Facebook professional pages Using hashtags to advantage Do’s and don’ts of Direct Messaging We get it: as soon as someone visually stimulating likes your photo, you want to make yourself known and slide into their Direct Messages. But what if you took that same […]