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When Things Get Slow in PDR, Don’t Cut Back On Your Marketing

When Things Get Slow in PDR, Don’t Cut Back On Your Marketing


Every business always want a steady flow of income from their customers. But when the season ends, and the customers are showing up less frequently, it’s an impulse to start thinking about where you can cut back and save money. This is especially so if you run a SMART Repair or PDR business that is largely dependent on the weather to bring in business. Where a lot of businesses make mistakes is by cutting back on marketing instead of realizing this is the prime time to soar. If you do PDR, detailing, paint correction, or other SMART repairs, this article is for you.

To better put this into perspective, Penn State’s College of Business did a study and found that slow times are when there should be “an aggressive increase in marketing spending.” (Avitus Group) AdCouncil and Columbia University discovered “that companies that allocate 10 percent of their revenues for marketing are found to be leaders in their respective industries.” (Bodyshop Business, August 2018

Knowing all that, why would you ever cut back on marketing? Unfortunately, it remains one of the first things to be cut when times are slow. We, on the other hand, listened to these studies and conducted some research of our own. We discovered how simply rethinking and rebranding your business during those cold months can be incredibly beneficial for your SMART and PDR services. Check out what we found below: 

Follow The Warm Weather 

There will always be a need for SMART Repairs and PDR, no matter where in the country you are or what the season is. But if you want to avoid the slow that comes with the snow (pun intended), simply follow the warmer weather. Hail happens somewhere all year round, and many find a lucrative life following storms worldwide. Escaping the cold for a warmer location to stay busy in detailing and other SMART services is an even closer distance for many.

Work Inside 

It’s completely understandable that you can’t or don’t want to work outside in the cold. But rather than going into hibernation for a few months, simply pause your mobile operations and work inside a garage. This is a great opportunity to market yourself to potential wholesale clients while other SMART and PDR techs are taking the time off. Simply by modifying your services, you’re able to get more business in ways you may never have considered.

Increased Visibility 

With so many SMART and PDR businesses cutting back on marketing when sales are dropping, your visibility jumps ahead. One proven way to do this is to find a unique angle for marketing your business, so it’s not “yet another” advertisement.  Conduct car clinics, spend time making relationships with fleet managers and body shops. Find those who need your services year-round and market to them.

Improved Business 

When “crazy time” turns into a “slow time,” this is also the perfect time to be thinking about where you can improve other areas of your business. Discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you’re much more prepared when the next hail season hits. Do your tools need updating? Are you in the right location to get the most business? Should you start training a second or third tech now so that you are ready for the next season? If you do this, you’re guaranteed to improve in many areas of your business. 

Lasting Relationships 

One benefit of a slow season is you’re able to share your SMART and PDR company with potential customers. This allows them to get to know you on a real level they might not get when business is booming, especially with so many detailers and techs claiming they are the best. You can continuously engage with your customers by giving them special offers, personalized thank-you’s, coupons, etc. Show them what makes you different during this time, and they’ll be sure to remember you for future needs. 


The whole purpose of marketing is it’s designed to bring you business, period. No rule states, “when times are slow, marketing has got to go.” It’s especially important with specialty car repairs, like SMART and PDR. When things return to a more steady situation, you’ll be glad you never cut back on marketing. 

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