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Your Record-keeping Could Be Bleeding You Money

Your Record-keeping Could Be Bleeding You Money

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ReconPro Time And Attendance Tracking Protects You from Risk and False Claims

We often see shops rely on old systems, spreadsheets, and even handwritten documents to track employee time. For those shops, their time and energy can be wasted on using and re-working bad data. Accurate time and attendance tracking are crucial to managing a successful business.

In several countries, and US states including California, Colorado, and Nevada, sloppy timekeeping can cost employers a lot of headaches and money. There are mandatory meal and rest breaks required by law, and failure to comply can trigger penalties and fines for businesses.

Even if you have a time card that shows employee, Bob, arrived for work at 7AM and left for the day at 3:30PM, you could still be at risk. Bob could file a complaint that he was not given the required rest and meal breaks, or worked overtime without the proper compensation, or even suffered an injury 2 months ago, and the burden of proof otherwise is on the business owner. Without detailed records, your business is at risk.

This is a scenario that plays out across industries, and is a particular risk with employees who work at remote job sites where errors in data entry, employee time abuse, and employee absences are harder to police. Fortunately, a popular auto repair shop softare app from AutoMobile Technologies, ReconPro, has a  Time and Attendance feature to address these problems with accurate time tracking, automatic notifications, and comprehensive reporting that keeps the history of all timesheet and violation complaints to be used to resolve any conflicting employee statement later on.  

Productivity And Employee Satisfaction

When clocking in, the app can trigger a questionnaire for the employee to fill out affirming that they are reporting to work free of injury, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as familiar with all of the safety aspects of the job, and Materials Safety Data Sheets. Several AMT clients include this type of questionnaire both for their protection, and to reinforce employee standards. ReconPro, schedules, manages, and automates projects and process to help management to control costs and increase production.

A big part of keeping people happy is being able to handle requests for time-off. With the ReconPro app, shops can increase efficiency, easily manage time-off approvals, and minimize employee absence costs– all while maintaining morale.

Time Abuse is RealWorker asleep in truck

Unfortunately, employee time abuse is a problem for SMART repair shops, and there’s a good chance you’ve paid employees for time they haven’t worked. AMT helped a shop that noticed a few guys clocking in at the same time every day. Eventually, the owner got suspicious and installed cameras above the clock-in area. He discovered a single employee was clocking his buddies in before they arrived– and out after they left. And it turns out, the owner had been paying people for time they weren’t working.

ReconPro helps avoid money loss from time abuse and assists in rewarding good employees. Being able to track exactly when people come in and leave motivates them to arrive on time. It accurately records overtime, meal breaks, rest breaks, holiday, and weekday hours, all while saving you time in the process.

Most companies, and some states, have policies about rest and meal breaks. The Time and Attendance function in ReconPro can not only remind employees to take their required breaks, but also record if an employee has agreed to skip his break voluntarily, right in the app. The software can automatically notify management when an employee is overdue for a break, has volunteered to skip a break, or is about to pass into overtime hours. This helps you keep your team compliant with employment regulations, and protects you against false claims and unwanted expenses.

ReconPro Offers Integrated Timekeeping And Notification Capabilities

Time is money. ReconPro auto repair shop software technology will standardize and streamline business processes for you, and help you deliver work on-time. ReconPro was created specifically to help you create estimates, get approvals, document damage, create invoices, and streamline other back-office operations like payroll and accounting. With this advance in mobile technology, your business will be better protected against time abuse and attendance problems, and operate with reliable workflow management.

Let AMT show you how ReconPro will help protect and grow your business. Schedule a free demo here.

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