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Issues With Processing Hail Damage In The PDR Business (Part Two)

Issues With Processing Hail Damage In The PDR Business (Part Two)


In Part One, we discussed the problems involving state regulations and PDR teams coming in from out of state. According to Autobody News, John Yoswick, during the Collision Industry Conference, panelists were asked to explain how repair shops need to handle supplements on cat claim estimates that have been prepared by PDR businesses or insurer cat teams.

Chris Andreoli from Progressive Insurance said, “On all of our estimates, you will see an appraiser name and phone number, so that’s usually who we’re looking to be the contact for that car.”

However, another panelist, Bo Opansyuk from Hi-Tech PDR stated that his company prioritizes listing an estimator name and supplement direction on the estimate.

He continued on and said, “If we wrote the estimate, we would handle that supplement internally. We have an internal supplement division, and if there’s one staff still out in the field, they will do the follow-up visit to the shop to oversee that supplement from the beginning to the end.”

Michael Morrison from Catastrophe Solutions International responded and discussed how hail claim PDR can be very subjective depending on the providers’ capabilities and standards, which results in many unnecessary supplements.

Morrison further elaborated that “it shouldn’t be a debate. It’s a dime-sized dent, so you write it for a dime. You don’t write it for a nickel or a quarter.”

He continued with an example from his own experience. During the initial process of working with a particular insurer, he brought in two seasoned adjusters to analyze a vehicle with hail damage.

“These were 20-year guys, but before they even started writing the sheet, they both looked at each other and were saying, ‘What do you see? Are those nickels? Are they quarters? It was a debate, and it shouldn’t be.”


  1. It all depends on how you position your Pdr light when estimating hail damage. I’ve seen adjuster write damage for dime when you look directly on top of the dent. That is not how a Pdr tech is going to see the size of the dent. To truly get an accurate assessment of the damaged panel you don’t put your Pdr light directly over the dent you have to move it back to see the “halo” that forms around the dent. Making that dime size dent a nickel. Also, you may move your light back and it looks like a nickel but it may be very deep and sharp, thus making it a quarter, do to the sharpness in the dent, the sharper the dent the longer it will be to take out, it is not going to be the same amount of time for a shallow nickel size dent. Also, I have seen adjusters use these inaccurate “circle, line, cloths.” There again that does not truly represent the real size of a dent you need a Pdr light positioned at the right spot to accurately assess the damage properly.


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