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What is the NAPDRT and How Can it Help You?

What is the NAPDRT and How Can it Help You?


The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is a NonProfit organization that was created for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians as a platform where technicians can have a voice in the ever-growing industry. Being a member allows techs to share their concerns about working in the industry, including the challenges they often face. Also, members are informed about any changes or threats to the industry, have access to health and business insurance, can pursue certification and continuing education opportunities, and much more.

The NAPDRT was created for technicians, by technicians. Often times, you’ll come across an organization that talks big about serving a specific community and has a compelling mission statement. But when it comes down to it, they’ll have zero knowledge or experience working with their targeted audience. Luckily, the NAPDRT knows its audience, from the consumer to the technician, and advocates for positive advancements for the industry.

“The mission of the National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians is to unite independent PDR technicians, and to educate both technicians and consumers about the accountability, quality service, and value provided by our members.”

One of the biggest and ongoing challenges of being a PDR tech in today’s world is educating the average consumer. This can range from informing them about the advantages of Paintless Dent Repair over conventional repair methods to even earning their trust during hail season. But sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of talking to them face-to-face, proving our legitimacy. Consumers are always searching the web for a reliable source to fix the dents and dings on their car, but rarely know who to trust. The skepticism that consumers often feel is heightened during hail events, especially since there are several cons out there who can put a bad name to qualified hail chasers. And if a consumer has been a victim of one of these dent nomads in the past, they’re definitely going to do their research.

That said, we know that the consumer is the most important part of the repair process. This is why the NAPDRT also provides helpful information for those who have been a victim of a poor PDR job. This could be a PDR company or insurance fraud. Whatever it may be, the NAPDRT is also a helpful resource for consumers. The organization strives to maintain and raise the standards for the Paintless Dent Repair industry and prove that not every technician is created equally.

This is where another significant aspect of being a part of the NAPDRT comes in. The website has a specialized directory of its members under a “Find A Technician” page. This page has a state-by-state list of qualified PDR technicians who are members of the NAPRDT and are individually categorized by state. When you’re listed on this database, visitors to the website are able to view your business location & contact information. This can be a great resource to gain new customers and be verified by a legitimate resource.

When you’re a part of an organization such as the NAPDRT, you’re essentially part of a community of committed professionals. Knowing that you are not alone in some of the challenges you face as a PDR technician in this day and age is truly something not to take lightly. Your voice and opinion matters, so be a member of an organization where it can be heard for the benefit of the industry.

For more information on the NAPDRT, check out their website. Or, you can call them at (877)-627-3781.

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