Have You Considered Adding RV Paint Detailing to Your Cosmetic Repair Shop?

As the cosmetic repair industry evolves, many shop owners are consistently looking for ways to elevate their game. It’s always about being the best and doing right by your customer, right? What if your customer doesn’t quite fit the typical client persona walking through your doors every day? For repair shop owners, paint detailing is […]

Interview with SkratchHouse Auto

Why Your Customers Might be Bringing PDR In-house, and How to Prevent it

Part two of a two-part series. Last week we discussed the threats to your business when one of your good customers decides to bring PDR in-house into their dealership or body shop. Today we are going to dig deeper into why a dealership or body shop may consider doing this so that you can understand […]

Issues With Processing Hail Damage In The PDR Business (Part Three)

Could Changes in Collision Frequency Mean Boon Times for SMART Repairers?

As 2018’s second quarter Collision Industry Council (CIC) meeting drew to a close April 12 in Westminster Colorado, Susanna Gotsch, Director and Industry Analyst with CCC, presented their latest results from CCC’s Crash Course 2018 report. To attendees of the CIC meetings, it was obvious that the collision repair industry is in a state of […]

Why Should You Use Reconditioning Management Software?

Mobile Repair Shop Logos, Branding and Taglines – How To Convey Your Company Culture Through Your Brand

No matter the size of the business you operate, the Owner is always going to be its best salesman. Even if you have an office staff to answer the phones now, and technicians on the road, and even if you never pick up a phone and talk to a prospect anymore, you are the person […]

Why Should You Use Reconditioning Management Software?