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Cosmetic” Repairs Really Make a Difference

A simple term for such a broad area of services. Cosmetic Repairs are an umbrella for Chip and Scuff Repair, Glass Chip and Scratch Repair, Interior Trim and Leather Repair, Exterior Trim Repair, Bumper Repair, and Minor Paint Correction and Application. Whether you perform all of these services or specialize in one or two, you share common challenges with others in the industry.

Finding and retaining customers, sourcing products and tools of your trade, managing administrative tasks, employee and vendor relationships, and business promotion are among the practical and tactical elements of running your business. They have nothing to do with your craft, except that they demand time and attention you might otherwise spend doing your craft.

Look to this section of our site for articles and information about the Cosmetic Repairs industry, posts and questions from folks in the business, and a forum to share ideas with like-minded professionals. Learn-teach-learn with some of the best in the business, and together we can elevate everyone’s game.