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Are You As High-Tech As Your Customers?


We live in an age of technology where everything is connected in one way or another. If your shop is not up-to-date on the latest in technology, customers will notice. They’ll feel like they can take their business somewhere that is up-to-date for the year 2019. Several shops don’t realize technology plays a significant role with your customers. However, much the same as the way we repair cars is different due to technology, so is the whole shop experience. 

Below are three types of technology that can show your customers that you’re up-to-date on more than just the repair procedures. 


Blogs play a major role in showing online consumers that your repair shop cares about the customer’s repair needs. This is not a place to put tips for summer road trips or pet safety. You can write about various repair procedures, answer insurance questions, the importance of OEM repairs, and much more. These blogs show customers you are a source of knowledge for the latest repair procedures, your technicians are highly trained, and your shop genuinely cares about their needs. After all, the whole reason why they’d be doing business with you in the first place is that they need repair service of some sort. Customers don’t need to know road trip tips (not that it isn’t important). They have questions, and you have expert answers. 


The days of dropping off your vehicle and not seeing it until the repair is complete have now become a thing of the past. Manufacturers are currently developing technology that will allow car owners to witness what goes on during the repair process. The reason for this is car owners often notice new scratches and dents that occur during transit. Some repair shops have implemented surveillance cameras that instantly stream online so car owners can watch the live video of their repair. If you don’t already have this part of your shop, consider a live stream video service so customers can view repairs done at your shop. This is another way for customers to earn trust with you, especially when they know they won’t get any new dents or scratches during the repair process. 

Apps for Smartphones 

One of the biggest reasons why technology has played such a significant role in our daily lives is due to the ease and convenience of it. People can order their Starbucks off of their app & have their order waiting for them by the time they get to the location. They can also order just about anything they would need off of Target’s app. So, why can’t SMART Repair be the same? Luckily, apps like Bodyshop Booster allow customers to do business with your shop, even after hours, and ReconPro lets your technicians create and send mobile estimates, authorizations, and invoices for any vehicle in your care. With these apps, users can have receive email or text updates about the status of their repairs instead of disrupting phone calls. 

There you have it! Implement in these three types of technology to your repair business, and you’ll be as high-tech as the customers you serve. Always stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends, and you’ll always be ahead of your competition. 

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