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3 Simple Ways To Improve Your PDR Business Over The Next Quarter

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your PDR Business Over The Next Quarter


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If you’re a PDR business owner seeking ways to make up for the dry spell that ensues after the booming hail season, then read on. This article is for you. Even if you are profiting well year-round, the following 3 tips and tricks can improve your PDR business, with or without the hailstorm. 

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  1. Promotion and Advertisement 

Nobody likes the yo-yo feeling of being very busy and generating profit one minute, only to be in a dry spell the next. With the rise of businesses promoting themselves on Instagram and Facebook, the advertisements on these social networks have increased as well. This is what online marketing is all about as people will typically go to the first couple of websites they see online or to the most popular page on social media. There’s a certain comfort the average consumer has in seeing several likes on a Facebook page or several followers on Instagram when it’s combined with awesome content. They’re also probably more gravitated towards clicking one of the first websites that come up on a Google search. 

During the slow business season is when businesses should be spending the money to get more visibility. One way to do this is to purchase Facebook ads. This drives traffic to your website which means more leads and ultimately, more customers. Another way is through Google AdWords. You’ll notice that when you Google something, usually the top results have a little ad icon by them. This is exactly what Google AdWords does and probably why successful PDR businesses are keeping a strong profit stream year-round. Or it’s as simple as adding the right hashtags to your Instagram post that relate to your PDR business and posting on Monday at 7 PM rather than Saturday morning. 

2. Offer Referral Incentives 

People love a good discount and feeling valued by a business. Show them how much you appreciate their business, whether they’re loyal customers or new leads. One secure way to increase sales is to target your past customers to refer their family and friends. If you offer them a discount or a cash incentive, then you’re guaranteed to have business increase. It’s like a ripple effect: they tell their friends and family who tell their friends and family and so on. Perhaps they’ll even share it on their social media pages, and you’ll have a win-win combining these first two hacks to improve your PDR business! 

3. Use the latest technologies like ReconPro

ReconPro was designed specifically for SMART repair shops, where both the manager and their employees can use it. The platform works closely in dealing with all aspects of the business, from initial estimating, invoicing, and day to day affairs of the entire repair process from management to technicians to the customer. By using the latest technologies available to you for your PDR business, you’re also showcasing to your customers that you’ll provide them the highest quality of work that is the latest in industry standards. 

And there you have it, 3 simple ways to improve your PDR business. Now get to work! You have customers waiting for you.

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